How To Never Pay Full Price On Clothes

I am a huge fan of a good deal. To the point where I will absolutely never pay full price for anything unless its something I love and know it wont go on sale or will be sold out soon. But, even then I still find it hard to bring myself to pay full price. SO, today I am going to share everything I do to make sure I am always getting a good deal.

  1. Sign Up For Emails : I know they get annoying, but I have a separate email address specifically for store emails, then when I am wanting to shop I check what stores are having the best deals from my emails.

  2. Add Things To Your Cart, Then Leave Them In There For a Few Hours : Ok.. this works 80% of the time. I will add things that I want, then I will leave them in my cart. If you are signed in on the stores website then after a few hours they will send you an email saying something along the lines of “looks like you forgot to checkout!” with a code for a additional 10-20% off your purchase!

  3. If the Website Has a Save or Favourite Option - Use That : A few of my favourite websites have a save for later/favourite option. This makes it super easy for me to go back and check quickly if the things I like have gone down in price at all!

  1. Same As Tip 1 For Online - Sign Up For Emails : I will always check my emails and search the store I’m in quick to see if there is a promo. Sometimes they don’t have signs up telling you, so make sure you check to make sure you aren’t missing out.

  2. If There Is An Item With Makeup On It - Just Buy It : You will usually get some sort of discount on it - if you don’t then get one without makeup on it obviously. But, If you can save some money and know it will come out just get it. I got the cutest dress from Old Navy last year for $3 because it was already on sale, then they gave me extra money off for it having a makeup stain!

  3. Wait For End Of Season Sales : This is something I always do. I got two Club Monaco spring jackets for $200 off each because I bought them in summer. Keep an eye out, go shopping with a plan so you don’t buy things you don’t need, and wait for the sales!

Thank you so much for reading my tips and I really hope they can help you save some money!

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