Coats Every Girl Needs

I don’t know about you, but I am OBSESSED with coats. That is one item I will usually be willing to spend a bit more on. Since I live in Canada where it is cold as hell, 75% of the year a coat is needed. Plus, I am obsessed with Olivia Pope’s style, so coats make me feel like the bad ass that I most certainly am not. Dalton always gets so mad at me because I always want to buy more when I already have more than I should. Whoops. So, today I am going to list my current faves and ones that every girl needs to own. Plus since its almost the end of the season… most are on sale!

  1. Classic Wool Coat

Honestly, I love love love my wool coat. I know everyone loves camel colour coats, but they do not work for me. The colour makes me look washed out and my hair look brassy, so I opted for the grey colour and I’m obsessed. There is so many ways to wear it, it goes with everything, and makes me look like I put effort in when I didn’t. Win-win.

2. Active Wear Jacket

Nothing is better than just throwing on a casual jacket to get some running around done. I got the lululemon down for it all jacket for Christmas and its so comfortable! It’s a bit cold to wear on it’s own in -25 weather, but it will be perfect for the spring and colder summer days.

3. Parka

A parka is an absolute must for Canadian weather. I didn’t have a parka for years, mainly because I was one of those kids in high school who thought I didn’t need a jacket in winter, and I regret it. Plus parka’s are pretty cute.

4. Trench Coat

Trench Coats are perfect for spring, cooler summer days, fall. They are so easy to throw on and make you look like you put some effort into your outfit.

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Erika Ludgate