My Favourite Mac Lipsticks

It is super hard for me to find lipsticks that work with my pale complexion, most lipsticks I've tried tend to look orange, or just aren't flattering with my skin tone. So I decided to let the employees at Mac help me out, because I clearly had nooo idea what I was doing. After some trial and error I settled on three lipsticks that I absolutely love and have became my go to lipsticks. If you are like me and struggle finding shades that work for you I highly recommend the shades below! 


1. Viva Glam 2

I really wanted the perfect every day lipstick, this lipstick has a satin finish and is a pinkish-mauve colour. Since my lips are really light naturally this gives them a nice colour and makes them stand out a bit more. Since I am not a huge eye makeup girl, I love having this lip shade to make it look like I put some effort in to get ready without being too much. 


2. Pink Plaid

I've been searching for a pink lipstick for ever, a blogger that I follow uses it so as her daily lipstick so I decided to give it a try. I tried it on at Mac and absolutely loved it, it is a little brighter than I expected, but I liked it way more than any more of the pale pinks that I tried. It really stands out. I'm super obsessed and now this is my go to lipstick for when I'm going out for the day or have something to go to where I want an easy lipstick to wear. 


3. Ruby Woo

OK this is my absolute favourite lipstick of all time! Before I was a Mom I wore red lipstick all the time, then for some reason I thought becoming a Mom meant red lipsticks were to high-maintenance for me. I finally repurchased my first first lipstick love - Ruby Woo. Nothing makes me feel more confident than this lipstick. It is honestly sooo flattering on everyone. It can be a bit drying so make sure to put a lip scrub on and moisturize before applying. 


Thanks so much for reading, have a wonderful day all. 

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