Redecorating Our Home With Valaroche Homes

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Oh, hello there friends. Today I am so excited to show you guys some more pictures from our newly decorated home. Also, I asked the creator of Valaroche Homes, Cindy Klayh to give you guys some insight into her inspiration, as well as decorating tips and tricks. If you follow me on instagram, you know that before my home was kind of a hot mess. We had no idea what theme we wanted when decorating, we had no plan ever. That lead to years of having nothing on the walls, no real theme, and kind of just stuff put where it would fit. I met with Cindy to do a collab on decorations for our new living room furniture around two months ago. We instantly hit it off and I felt like I’ve known her for years. She is such an inspiration! She is very self aware, smart, and talented. She came over the next week, then she called me with this idea. She was wanting to start doing interior decorating, and with my many blank walls and zero decorating plan, I was the perfect blank canvas for her to showcase her creativity. I was thrilled at the idea of having her have full creative control.

Flash forward a few weeks and the day came for Cindy to redecorate our space. I left with the kids to my best friend Natasha’s house till she was done, I honestly felt like I was on HGTV love it or list it. I was so anxiously excited to get home and see everything! The 45 minute drive back home felt like the longest of my life. Walking into the house I almost cried it looked so amazing! She made it so me, so my family, I couldn’t believe what an amazing job she did! She replaced our too big kitchen table with a beautiful table that her and her husband referbished, moved our couch and chair in a way that made way more sense for our space, added shelving, mirrors, decor items, and custom made us a grey plaid pouf and with matching pillows. I was blown away by Cindy’s attention to detail. She turned our house into a home and I’m forever greatful for the details and effort she put into making our space something we would love.

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Q: How did you decide on adding the grey plaid pouf and cushions to our space? 

A: I decided to add the grey plaid because I wanted to pair a more geometric look with your already more whimsical cushions.  I like to balance out looks wherever I can in a design or space. In a sense, I like to pair something more toned down or solid with an already dramatic feel and I feel like the plaid paired perfectly with your organic flowing trim.  

Q:What was your inspiration for our space? 

A:You were my inspiration for your space.  You and your family, I should say.  When I design a space, I like to take note of my clients surroundings and customize the area to make it as functional as possible. I knew you had 2 small children, so I wanted to make sure to utilize the space as best as possible for flow and every-day living.  

Q:What do you look for with fabric when designing home decor? 

A:When I first started fashion school, I always knew I was a “Fabric first” kind of designer.  I would shop “aimlessly” in a fabric store for a specific project and not know what the design will look like until I find the perfect textile.  Only then, I knew what my design would look like.  I can’t manipulate all fabrics in the same way, which is why when it comes to home décor, I pretty much do the same thing by “aimlessly” shopping, but while keeping in mind the colours and textures I’ll be using.    

Q:What tips do you have for finding items to refurbish? 

A: I like to make sure that the pieces I am interested in refurbishing are in good working order like no broken legs or cracked drilling holes and something that has not been painted over time and time again.  However, I know these things can be fixed and done, but I like to use the most authentic pieces I can find with little or no work done to them.  I find that these pieces turn out a lot better in the end and looking more like how it’s supposed to, yet just a little upgraded.

Q:How did you decide on the colour theme? 

A:Well, first I had to look at the budget and I knew that I could only go as far as having to go with some of the furniture you already have, so I went with colours and textures that I felt paired nicely with your existing furnishings. However, I was still able to change out your dining set which I still made work with the environment all around.   

Q:What are your favourite parts of your job?

A:Pretty much all of it, lol.  Except I find that my mind races faster than my hands so as soon as I have another idea or see a new fabric or pattern I’d like to work with, I just can’t wait to be all over it.  So, it’s hard, sometimes, not to think about another project while working on another.  The urge to start something new is always lurking.

Q:What is your favourite part of this project? 

A:My favourite part of this project, like many others, is seeing my vision come together.  When I’m working in a space it’s almost like I’m not even really thinking, but just doing.  I know what the space is supposed to look like in the end so it’s like I’m on autopilot putting it all together.  Seeing the end results in any of my projects are the most fulfilling moments and therefore, my favourite!

Q:What are your favourite home decor stores besides Valaroche and Pretty Suite? 
A:‘The Cross Design’ in Vancouver is definitely my all time favourite store.  I’ve never even been there but I follow them on Instagram and it was they who inspired me to open up my own home décor shop myself, which today is ‘Pretty Suite Décor & Design’.  My store is online and although my intentions were to open a physical store front at some point, those plans have changed as I found that decorating was where my true passion lies.  However, I am still able to create custom pieces for clients and my online shop which is now ‘Valaroche Home’.  I find that the combination of these two creative entities work, very much, “hand-in-hand” and is something special that I can do for myself and for my clients.  It’s extremely rewarding.

Q:What are your goals for the next 5 years? 

A:To be honest, I try not to think too far ahead into the future. I try to stay in the moment and flow with what feels right at the time.  It’s like with my online store ‘Pretty Suite’; It felt right at the time, but things are changing and I’m following what works for me right now.  As time passes new opportunities come up and I make decisions on what feels right.  I like it better this way because when I think too far ahead it’s just all too much to manage. I like to trust that, if I’m doing what I love and make decisions along the way that make sense in that moment, it will all work out.  Since I’ve started believing that a while back, I found that everything tends to just fall into place.  It’s all divine timing and though I know there will always be changes along the way, I’m ok with that. 

Q:When is your best advice for people decorating their homes? 

A:The best advice I can give is before starting a design project is to clear your space.By that, I mean to go through all your things and get rid of what doesn’t serve you anymore.That old lamp that was with you since university? Get rid of it, you are on your way to do bigger things! Sometimes holding onto things from your past can remind you of where you used to be, but it’s always better to be looking ahead.I’m not saying, “don’t remember who you are”, it’s simply just making space for new energy, new opportunities and a new lifestyle.You’d be surprised to hear that once I’ve had someone clear their space and no decorating has even started yet that their lives had already seemed to change and for the better.It’s astonishing and it works! Also, be true to yourself.I know that in the design world there are certain “rules” to follow.I get it, but I get inspired myself when I walk into spaces that don’t follow all those rules and I can truly see the person just by looking at their environment.It’s them and it’s so cool! So, if you’re going to decorate your own space, I say, make sure you pick items that mean something to you. Choose colours that make you feel inspired. Go with your gut because what your surround your home with is a direct reflection of who you are and how you feel. This is why I always suggest doing space clearing before starting and design project.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful rest of your day.