I Found You Book Review

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I Found You is a book by best selling author Lisa Jewell. I found you is about a single Mom, Alice, finding a man sitting on the beach in Ridinghouse Bay. Against her friends advice, she offers the man to come into her home, warm up and eat something. The man on the beach, that her and her kids decide to call “Frank” has no memory of where he is or why he is there. While all this is happening a lady named Lily reports her new husband missing, only to find out that her husband doesn’t really exist. Flash back to 1993, a family is vacationing at Ridinghouse Bay, siblings Gray and his younger sister Kirsty were enjoying their vacation before Kirsty catches the attention of Mark, a older guy who Gray has bad feelings about. All three stories are connected in the scariest way.


This book was such a fun read. I truly thought it was going to be a bit of a love story, and some parts were a bit, it was absolutely not what I was expecting! The beginning was a tad slow moving, and the twist was a tad predictable but I absolutely loved how it all played out and loved the ending. I emjoyed almost every character and between the three points of view it was so hard to put down. Lisa’s writing was so incredible, I couldn’t put the book down! Towards the end it did get a bit dark and very sad. But, the twist was so amazing and well written. Sometimes I find that there are too many twists to the point that I feel like I get whiplash but this was the perfect reveal. I will totally be picking up more of Lisa Jewells books up in the future.


Thank you so much for reading my book review for I Found You! Have a lovely day.