Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered Book Review

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Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered is a book by my favourite podcasting duo, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. They started the podcast called My Favourite Murder in 2016. I got really into podcasts since I had a long drive to Owen’s daycare every day. I came across MFM when they guest starred on Anna Faris’ podcast. I thought I was one of the only weirdos that had a true crime obsession, but there was an actual podcast all about the topic that I would creep people out by talking about?! AMAZING. Finally, my kind of people! I highly recommend listening to the podcast first, because they reference quotes they say in the podcast as chapter titles. Such as, “Fuck politeness”, “You’re in a cult, call your Dad” and my personal fave, “Don’t be a fucking lunatic”. Oh.. I should have mentioned.. if you don’t like swearing this book is NOT for you. It is littered with swear words. I love it. Anyways, what was I saying? Oh right, make sure you listen to at least a few episodes of the podcast. The book is way better if you read it knowing the voices of Karen and Georgia.

Now, before I ramble on for another year, let’s get into the review. I was a bit unsure of how I would like a dual memoir, but Karen and Georgia’s writing compliment each-others so well. They tell stories from different experiences in their lives, from Karen talking about her Mom passing away from alzhimers’s, to Georgia talking about her struggles with drug addiction as a teenager. The book is amazingly raw and real in a way that so many would relate to. Some points of the book made me cry, while others made me laugh so hard I started snorting. Karen does this whole part called “Karen’s Step-by-Step guide on How to Be a Latchkey Kid” and I can assure you that it is going to be one of the funniest things you will read this year. I recommend you buy the book for this part alone. So in conclusion, I laughed, I cried, you could say it was quite the emotional roller coaster. I wouldn’t say that this is the best memoir I’ve ever read, but it was still an enjoyable read. That being said, if you aren’t a true crime fan or don’t intend on listening to the podcast before reading, you will not like it as much as I did.


“Be kind to little you” - Georgia Hardstark Page 182

“If someone is assaulted, it wasn’t because they were careless, irresponsible, or dresses wrong. It happened because some piece of shit chose to assault them. And if someone is murdered, it’s because some piece of shit chose to murder them. We need to turn the conversation towards identifying the behaviour that leads to these attacks, figuring out how to identify these criminals faster and making sure jail terms accurately reflect the seriousness of their crimes. And some of us need to unlearn the way we’ve been taught to think about the victims of those crimes” - Karen Kilgariff Page 281

“The only way we can evolve and grow is by accepting our flaws and doing our best to grow out of them” -Karen Kilgariff Page 275

“If you’re one of those women who say that you’ve only had guy friends because you’re so pretty all women are jealous of you, put this book down and go to therapy immediately” -Karen Kilgariff Page 68

“We all have our core beliefs that protect us from that which we’re to scared to admit we want, like love or money or happiness, as if we’ll somehow jinx our lives by thinking it. It’s fine to not want to scream it to the sky, but make sure you aren’t cursing your own happiness by believing more in something never manifesting, by worshipping at the alter of doubt, or negativity or obliviousness, than actually trying to attain that thing” - Georgia Hardstark Page 184

“Yes that is a word, spellcheck, you fucking narc” - Karen Kilgariff Page 71 (also, now me everytime I write a blog post)


Thank you so much for reading my first book review! Do you plan on reading Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered? Let me know in the comments! Have a lovely day.