How We Had A Wedding For Under $2,500


I put a poll on my instagram asking if people wanted me to do a blog post on how we had a wedding for under $2,500, every single person that voted said YES! So today I am sharing with you how we had the most perfect wedding for under $2,500.

First things first, Dalton and I never really wanted a huge wedding. For the longest time we just wanted to elope because the thought of planning something and feeling like we had to invite every single person was so overwhelming. The cost of everything was so insane and having kids spending money on one day just didn’t make sense to us. We decided in June that we might as well get married this summer since I’m on Maternity Leave and have the time without having to take time off work. We found a cute venue called The Gates On Roblin. They had cute rooms that could hold smaller groups of people, exactly what we wanted. We still wanted somewhere to go for the evening, and Dalton remembered renting a room at earls and that it was perfect. So instead of renting a hall we just rented a room at earls and that we just had a minimum spend amount. The day was absolutely perfect and we had so much fun. We got to spend time with close friends and family. I wouldn’t have had it done any other way. Below I am going to break down the cost of everything as well on tips on how you can have your wedding for under $2,500.

Run Down On Costs

Venue: $1,500

Photographer: $500

Dress: $60

Dalton’s Shirt and Tie: $100

Eyelash Extensions: $80

Nails: $50

Flowers: $200

Total: $2,490


For a Venue

I highly recommend booking room at a restaurant over a hall/ballroom. Since we were having a small intimate wedding it made more sense. I looked up restaurants around Winnipeg, The Gates On Roblin sounded like the perfect place. They not only had rooms to rent but they had a space to have a ceremony which was cheaper than it would have been to go to city hall. We worked out a budget for food with the planner at the gates and the supper was amazing! They even served cake after for us. Think of places outside of the usual chain restaurants by you, so many cute little restaurants have wedding options. If you live in the Winnipeg area below is the link for The Gates On Roblin. We had such an amazing experience.


Since we planned our wedding so last minute, all the wedding photographers were booked. Luckily by searching a Winnipeg Photographers hashtag, I found someone who was mainly a motherhood and family photographer, but I LOVED her photos. They were the exact vibe I was wanting for our wedding pictures. I reached out and even tho she’s never done a wedding before, I fully trusted her. She did such an amazing job and I’m so glad we found her. Her website and instagram is linked below!


I truly didn’t ever see the value of buying a wedding dress to wear for one day. I found this dress on Chicwish and I knew this was the exact dress I was going for. Plus I can wear it again! When I ordered it, it was on a flash sale for $60. It is amazing quality and was so comfortable. The exact dress is linked below!

Dalton’s Shirt and Tie

Dalton has to wear suit’s for work everyday, so he didn’t need a new suit. He always goes to Moores for all his dress clothes. When he went there he got a buy one get one free deal, so he got them both for under $100.

Eyelash Extensions

Since I literally have the tiniest eyelashes of all time, I for sure needed eyelash extensions. I could have just used false lashes but since I was doing my own makeup, I didn’t want the pressure of putting on false eyelashes too. I’ve followed BB Artistry for a while and she did such an amazing job. Plus, she is such a sweetheart. Her website and instagram is linked below.


I just went to a local nail place to get my nails done a light pink. I found a place that was fairly cheap and they are still on so I guess they did a pretty good job!


I called a place called Academy Florist here in Winnipeg. They worked very well with my budget and let me pick the colours, as well as added my favourite flowers (Peonies). They were so amazing if you live in the Winnipeg area I highly recommend them, website and instagram below.

  • Keep it small

  • Buy a simple dress

  • Do your own makeup

  • Skip the open bar to save on costs

  • Do your own makeup - thank you YouTube

  • Invite your closest friends and family

  • Don’t feel pressure to have a big wedding, just because that’s what you think you are supposed to want

Thank you guys so much for reading, I hope you found some of these tips useful!