Review Of The Lollipop Baby Camera

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Hello Friends! I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED to share this review with you. I got sent the Lollipop Baby Camera over a month ago so I figured it was time to let you know what I think! Before I begin I just want to add that all of the opinions written are my own. I am not being paid in any way to give this review, and will always be fully honest with my opinions of products that I receive.

Unboxing/ Set up: When the lollipop baby camera arrived I was so excited! I’ve seen them all over instagram and we were in desperate need of a baby camera as we were wanting Harper to start sleeping in her crib. When I opened it, it was so much bigger and high quality than I expected. Setting it up was very easy, they have a stand you can attach to the wall to hold the camera, a holder to attach the camera to the crib, or you can twist it and put it on a dresser! We decided to wrap it around the crib but once Harper is a big bigger we will move it to the the wall! The only issue I had with the baby monitor was that we had to upgrade our WiFi so it would work. Our router is in the basement and Harper’s room is upstairs so if your router is closer than it should be fine!

Thoughts after using it for a while: We absolutely love our Lollipop Baby Camera. It is so easy to use and I love being able to check on Harper by just using my phone. Getting a text when Harper is crying or awake makes our life so much easier, we aren’t constantly having to walk upstairs, peaking in her room and waking her up to see what she’s doing. When we had Owen we didn’t have much money at all so we got given an audio baby monitor, which was perfectly fine besides the fact that it would occasionally pick up other babies crying. It would creep us out so bad we just stopped using it all together.

We went away for the night and took it with us so Harper can have her white noise on (thats the only way she will sleep), but even getting it reset up elsewhere was so easy. It is so bendable that we were able to put it on the table and angle it in the playpen where Harper slept. I can’t recommend this baby camera enough! As I said above, just make sure you have a really strong WiFi for the camera to work its best. Another cool feature on this baby camera is that you can set up multiple cameras, so you can have one for every kid. The features are endless and the app is constantly updating, getting better and better. I added a list of pros and cons about the Lollipop Baby Camera below, I also added a link for the camera!


  • Can be used as a traditional baby monitor on your phone

  • Text notifications when baby cries

  • White noise

  • Able to talk through the camera

  • Super clear picture, I can even see Harper breathing!

  • Easy set up

  • Easy to take places

  • Super cute

  • You can make GIFs through the app (not necessary but real fun)


  • Need really strong WiFi

  • Sometimes if the white noise is too loud you won’t get texts of baby crying