How I Learned To Accept My Postpartum Body

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One of the most frustrating things I come across on instagram/ in everyday life is the obsession with women “bouncing back” after having a baby. The amount of times I’ve been asked when I’m going back to the gym, if my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, or if I’ve lost the baby weight yet , is obnoxious and very intrusive. These questions used to make me so insecure that I would lie, I would say “yes, I’ve lost all the weight” or “Oh, I workout all the time” when I clearly didn’t and wasn’t because I was SO embarrassed. But a few months ago, after a long night of feeding Harper and instagram stalking accounts of people that literally had abs a week postpartum, I was doing the usual feeling down on myself and wonder why I wasn’t like that. Then something clicked, I have a beautiful and confident son. A brand new daughter, and the last thing I want to do is have them see their Mom cutting herself down. I don’t want Harper to think it’s ok to call herself fat, because she see’s her Mom doing it. I’ve had enough hating specific things about myself and having such a negative relationship with my body. Even before having kids I was always so self conscious, I’m over it. From that day on, I’ve made the choice every day to be kinder to myself. Below I listed a few changes I’ve made on my journey of accepting my postpartum body.

  1. Stop Cutting Yourself Down - This is the first change I made. I used to say “I look fat” or “I need to lose weight” numerous times a day. It was ridiculous. I even said it when I was pregnant. Instead of cutting myself down I just switch the negative with something positive about myself. This little change has helped my mindset so much.

  2. Unfollow Anyone On Social Media Who Makes You Feel Bad - This is SO important. I unfollow one of my favourite bloggers because she started to cause me to not feel great about myself. Follow accounts that are relatable and real, ones that have pretty pictures but also are honest with their followers.

  3. Do You Boo- Do what you want to do. Want to eat a burger? Do it. Want to go for a run? Do it. Personally when I put limits on myself and force myself to do something, I’m unhappy. I only workout because it makes me happy, if I hated it, I wouldn’t do it. Eating healthy is obviously important but you have to keep yourself sane too. Don’t just diet because you want to lose weight, you will probably just make yourself miserable and you will feel deprived. Unless you hate food, then I can’t relate to you at all. Life is about balance, obviously we have to be active and eat somewhat healthy. But don’t deprive yourself to try to fit unrealistic beauty standards. That being said, there are people that are perfectly happy when they are watching what they eat, and workout a lot. That’s great! Just do whatever makes you happy.

Life is too short to not show up to things because you are feeling self conscious. Be kinder to yourself. I put on a bathing suit and went in the pool with my daughter and son yesterday and I am so proud of that. That’s something I wouldn’t have done a year ago because I would have been overly self conscious. I was so happy to have fun with my family without worrying about how I look postpartum. Plus, your kids just want a their Mom to play with them, they love you no matter what size, and you should love yourself at any size too.

Thanks for reading my weekly rambling friends!

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