Owen's Third Birthday

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Owen is officially three! I still can’t believe how fast he is growing up, it makes me want to cry! We had the best weekend ever. Dalton had to work on his Birthday day, so Owen and I spent the morning watching Harry Potter (his favourite movie) and eating “Mickey Pancakes”, in the afternoon I took Owen to the pumpkin patch, we have never been before and had such a good time. They had some games that Owen loved, and lots of cute fall things for us to see. Obviously after we went to the pumpkin patch we had to get Owen’s favourite food.. frozen yogurt. Then we spent the evening relaxing as a family, it was such a nice day. It was so fun doing all the things that Owen loves to do, as much as I want baby girl to come, it was nice Owen having a day all about him. The kids birthdays will be pretty close, and with family all over the place, we will probably be doing combined parties from now on.

I obviously went to pinterest for some inspiration for Owen’s party and looooved the balloon garland ideas, it was way harder and more time consuming than I expected but it turned out super cute, and we had plans to make the cake a bit more fancy than we did, but when we put the first layer on we kind of loved the more naked look with the sprinkles. There were plans to do a photobooth but the backdrop we got ended up having a hole in it, I was really disappointed, but there is always next year, and to be honest I probably would have been the only person to use it! Owen loved all the balloons and had the best time at his party! He had most of his friends over, and it was so cute all the little kids running around. We’ve had parties at previous places we’ve lived in, but it was nice to finally have the room we need and have it not feel too crowded. We couldn’t have asked for a better party for Owen, and I’m so excited to see what we will be able to do for his party next year! Everyday he says how happy he is that all his friends came to his house for his party. It makes me so happy how happy he was about it!

Comment below some thing’s that your kids loved for their birthday parties!

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day.

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