What's In Baby Girl’s Hospital Bag

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Nothing is more exciting, but also more nerve racking than preparing to bring home a new baby. I am constantly double checking my bag to make sure I have everything we need to bring baby home. For some reason I felt the need to have the bag packed by the time I was 36 weeks, anything could happen right? Even though she probably won’t be here until around her due date. Having it ready to go is a huge stress release. So here is my list of everything I have ready to go in baby girl’s hospital bag!

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One: Three or Four Sleepers

I may be going a bit overboard with the sleepers, but you never know how long you may be in the hospital for, and babies can be pretty messy so you could go through a few, better to be safe than sorry! Also make sure to pack one especially for the “going home” outfit. I was debating getting a shirt and pants set, but sleepers are so much easier for new borns.

Two: Blankets/Swaddlers

For the blankets you need to bring there are a few separate kinds, you need a swaddle blanket, cozy fuzzy blanket, and you will need a burp cloth. They usually supply one swaddle blanket at the hospital, I for sure stole it from when Owen was born. It’s also nice to have a few of your own, and options on different styles of blankets.

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Three: Newborn Hat

If you are having the baby during any time of the year that is a bit chilly, or if you live in Manitoba like I do and 9 out of the 12 seasons tend to be cold, then you for sure want a little hat to make sure babies head is warm when leaving the hospital. We do have a cover for our carseat, but a little extra piece of mind is always nice. Also, babies look super cute in them!

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Four: Diapers/Wipes/Baby Powder

Ok this for sure isn’t the cutest thing you will pack, but you will need them! Some hospitals do supply diapers, but they usually only give so many. We found that pampers worked better with Owen, that is also the kind of wipes we have always used. I packed about 20 diapers (a bit overboard I know) but again, you are never sure how long you are in the hospital for, and it’s better to be over prepared than underprepared!

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Five: Bow/Swaddler Set for Pictures

This is something I didn’t even think of when I was having Owen, but I really wish I got him a matching hat/swaddle set to take his first pictures in. I can’t wait to get her first pictures in this cute little set, plus I have a matching robe to this adorable little set.

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Six: Soothers

I am packing this as a “just in case" item, we didn’t use them with Owen early, but it is something that is good to have.

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Seven: A Warm Outfit for Coming Home

Again, this is something that will probably only apply if you live somewhere cold. Since it has already snowed, I picked up this cute little outfit from Carter’s to make sure she is nice and warm on her way out of the hospital!

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Eight: Scratch Mitts

This is something I never expected a little baby to need, but they come out with pretty long nails, so to keep them from scratching their little faces and you these little mitts are a must

I hope you find this list somewhat helpful, and please comment below on any items you wouldn’t bring or items I’m missing!

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