Owen's Almost Three!

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I can’t even believe it! Next week Owen is going to be three! It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. He has grown into such a little boy, I wish he would stay little forever unfortunately that just won’t happen. Right now he is really big on knowing all his colours, whenever we drive anywhere he is always asking what colours the vehicles are. He also loves showing off the fact that he knows his ABC’s. His favourite thing’s right now are playing with his cars, he love’s firetrucks, every time we see one he gets so excited, and he loves the snow. Since we live in Manitoba and winter decided to come early we have had a few snowy days, so we always have to put on our boots and catch snow flakes.

I can completely get why people call three year olds “threenagers” now. He completely has the attitude of a teenager! Whenever I give him a kiss he wipes it off, and if he doesn’t like something Dalton or I have to say he will stomp his foot and give us sassy comments. If I tell him I love him he usually responds with “I love Daddy, Daddy is my best friend”. Sometimes it can be pretty funny, but we for sure aren’t used to all the attitude from him. Since we haven’t had any issues at all with him up until this point it can be a bit hard to navigate. He is still such a loving, and caring little boy. I am so excited to see what else he learns this year, and to watch his personality grow even more. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful little boy, he will be the best big brother ever, and Dalton and I are so lucky to be his Mom and Dad.

We are spending the next week getting prepared for his birthday party, since we recently moved into a bigger place, I am very excited to be able to host his birthday party at our home. I will for sure do a blog post on planning a party for a three year old! So keep a look out for that. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday!

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